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“Dos Veces Ana” is the story of two Ana’s, two biracial women who live in two very different worlds that somehow, seem to run parallel and overlap. Ana the cashier at a market on Calle 8 in Miami’s Little Havana, is trying to get over a stormy relationship with her lover Javier, a hip-hop musician. Her workday is full of amusing encounters with customers from the neighborhood that shape her daily life. But always present in the back of her mind is her dream that one day she’ll be an actress. The other Ana is an actress who plays an African slave in a TV soap opera, and she’s sure she’s on her way to success in Hollywood. When she gets the chance to play the lead in a Hollywood film, she realizes that her moment has finally arrived, and decides that she’ll stop at nothing to succeed. The two Ana’s live in parallel realities, or perhaps one Ana’s dream is the other’s illusion. Fantasy and reality, success and deception mix up in this Drama/Comedy that bends racial boundaries and stereotypes, where “perception is never reality”.