October 5th 7PM Coral Gables Art Cinema

Filmed entirely in Miami by acclaimed Cuban cinematographer Sergio Giral, director of Maria Antonia (Premio Goya) and the trilogy about slavery in Cuba El Otro Francisco, Rancheador and Maluala, the cast of Dos Veces Ana includes some of the most well know actors from Cuban and Hispanic Film, staring Elvira Valdés, with Gilberto Reyes, Yvonne Lopez Arenal and Jorge Luis Alvarez, along with the film debut of Michelle Fragoso and Yesler de la Cruz.

Dos Veces Ana is the story of two Ana's, two biracial women who live in two very different worlds that somehow, seem to run parallel and overlap. Both Ana's are Hispanic, and both immigrated to Miami recently. The first Ana is trying to get over a stormy relationship with her lover Javier, a hip hop musician. She works as a cashier at a market on Calle 8, the main thoroughfare in Miami's Little Havana, with her best friends Felito, a bag boy, and Susie, another cashier. Ana's workday is full of amusing encounters with customers from the neighborhood. But always present, in the back of her mind, is a dream. Ana wants to be an actress. After playing a few parts in local theater productions, Ana finally gets her big chance when she goes to a casting for an independent film that will be shot in Miami with Hollywood financing. Ana finally has an opportunity to be a real actress and work in a movie. But her dreams are constantly jeopardized by Javier, who has different plans for Ana, and just won't let go…

The other Ana is an up and coming actress, on the verge of stardom stemming from her role as an African slave in a popular Spanish language telenovela. She lives a dreamy life of phony sophistication, where her obsession with becoming a star and landing the leading roles that Caucasian actresses get drives her to try to make herself look white. Ana dreams that she's on her way to success in Hollywood, but all she's done is play the role of servants in tacky soap operas. When Ana goes to a casting for an independent film with Hollywood financing, the director falls for her and offers her the lead role, a cashier who works at a market on Calle 8. Ana realizes that her moment has finally arrived, and decides that she'll stop at nothing to guarantee her path to success. The two Ana's live in parallel realities, or perhaps they are the other Ana's illusion. Fantasy and deception mix up in this Drama/Comedy that bends racial boundaries and stereotypes, where "Perception is never Reality".

Spanish with English subtitles.

October 5th 7PM


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